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Page where I dump random files I have.

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Filename: Description/Title: Size:
hello2.asm 859 bytes
a.avi Windows 98 Screen Recording Test ???
death_egg-midi.mp3 Death Egg MIDI (MP3) ???
SONIC MOVIE 2 ENDING CREDITS HD.mp4 Sonic Movie 2 End Credits (720p-HD MP4) about 20MB
RGB_9bits_palette_color_test_chart.png RGB 9-Bits Palette Color Chart idk
SSF1_Luigi.wad WAD I made on my Android Phone. idk
Oh_My_God_Its_Albert_Einstein.mp4 They found Albert Einstein idk
sadx_plot_irl.mp4 Old meme i found in Spectrum's deleted discord idk
f.swf animation i made it show Icy's deleted discord server I can make a animation
(requires flash player 8+)
thebee.swf an animation i made that is based off a animaton my father made with different software a long time ago (requires flash player 8+) idk idk
m2combo.exe MyIE2 Installer idk
blank.swf its literally a blank flash movie
(requires flash player 4+)
under 1KB
flash-32-win.exe Adobe Flash Player 32 executable about 15MB
no.wav Microsoft Sam says No. idk
gman.BMP Gman's picture in the Half-Life multiplayer tab idk
SONIC2.BMP I think this image came from SSNTails idk
bee.cfg bee.cfg from idk HECU Grunt Wav files from Half-Life compressed into a zip (dont download if you have Half-Life) idk
HC2Setup.exe Unregistered HyperCam 2 Setup executable idk
HC1Setup.exe HyperCam 1 Setup executable
(i havent test this yet :/)
youspinme.wav idk
DAMN-DANIEL.wmv dead meme. i had this saved on my dads laptop when it was relevant 5MB
GoldSrc_is_Outta_this_time-360p.flv cool video i found on yt 12MB